Journal of the American Revolution

Journal of the American Revolution



Edited by Todd Andrlik, Hugh T. Harrington, and Don N. Hagist

“Smart and accessible… If you have a serious interest in the American Revolution, but find the scholarly journals a bit stuffy, Journal of the American Revolution is for you.” —John Fea, Chair of History Dept., Messiah College

In a remarkably presented collection of remastered articles and never-before-published essays, this collector’s print edition of the popular webzine, Journal of the American Revolution (, delivers exciting answers and new angles to several lingering questions about the most important era in American history: What was the true start of the Revolution? Who came up with “no taxation without representation”? What role did dogs play in the war? How did the Sons of Liberty influence the rebellion? How did news about America’s independence go viral in 1776? How did Washington’s army actually cross the Delaware River? At what moment did Washington become a politician as well as a general? How did Washington’s mastery of intelligence lead to one of the most daring attacks of the war? What is the treatment for a scalped head or arrow wound? Was the most hated Loyalist in America really a Patriot spy? And what about those British soldiers?

Spanning 248 full-color pages, all 50+ articles are accompanied by high definition portraits, maps and photos, including some in print for the first time ever. Todd Andrlik, Hugh T. Harrington, Don N. Hagist and several historians and experts guide readers through various topics with passionate, creative and smart historical study. Journal of the American Revolution delivers impressive substance, depth and breadth as it strives to become the leading source of information about the American Revolution and Founding period.

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