Bill Miller’s Riviera & Bridge to the Riviera

Bill Miller’s Riviera & Bridge to the Riviera


Bill Miller’s Riviera: America’s Showplace in Fort Lee, New Jersey (non-fiction)

By Tom Austin & Ron Kase

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Where did Frank Sinatra, Mickey Mantle, Sugar Ray Robinson, Ava Gardner and hundreds of other A-listers—along with mobsters like Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky—eat, drink and enjoy fabulous entertainment? It wasn’t in Hollywood but at Bill Miller’s Riviera in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The Riviera’s breathtaking views of the George Washington Bridge, its stunning showgirls and its secret gambling casino drew the famous and the infamous to its tables. Bill Miller’s Riviera was perched on the edge of the Palisades and attracted the most sought-after performers of the day when nightclubs were the only place they could be seen. Relive the days of the Riviera and experience Bill Miller’s special touch.

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Bridge to the Riviera (fiction)

Before Hollywood and Las Vegas, there was Fort Lee, New Jersey—the place where movies and lavish nightclub entertainment first began under the watchful eye of the mob (and some say the law). If you enjoy reading about the lawless decade of the 1920s, right through the Great Depression, and want to learn firsthand of the people who pulled it all together, you might like to read Bridge to the Riviera by Tom Austin.

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